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Who do you think you are? My neighbor? Who's a dentist? Who came over to my house while my dad was out of town? Nah, you can't tell me what to do.
―Ched, from The Key

Ched is a main character in the Netflix series, Centaurworld.


Hello Rainbow Road

Fragile Things

The Key

What You Need

It's Hidin' Time

Holes: Part 2

Johnny Teatime's Be Best Competition: A Quest for the Sash

Ride the Whaletaur Shaman!

The Rift: Part 1

The Rift: Part 2

Physical Description

Ched is a finchtaur with orange coloration for his rounded head, arms and body, while his waist and upper legs are teal. He has a buff physique and well-muscled "wing" arms. His stylized bird feet resemble chicken bones.


Ched is hotheaded, aggressive and quick to act, making him abrasive to others. He is often defensive to the point of paranoia, distrusting many people or species until he gets to know them. While one of the smallest species in Centaurworld, he is eager to prove that he is as strong and useful as the rest of his herd. He tends to brush off small problems or handle them with brute force, proving shortsighted to what they may build up to. Deep down, a life of rejection makes Ched crave acceptence, so genuine affection and good will can go a long way with him. Once his friendship is earned, he is very defensive towards those close to him.




When Ched first met Horse, he immediately gained an instant disliking to her due to her being a horse, and insults her every time they argue, calling her dumb or boring. He even thought that Horse was the "unspeakable evil" the Woman was referring to in "The Rift: Part 1", but not before calling her a great friend.


As first implied in season two, Ched has had a crush on him and was mildly devastated when Zulius and Splendib got back together.



  • According to Malangella, Ched's full name is Chederick Chedward Chedlington Chedison Chedboy.
  • Apparently Ched's father left him and his mom when he was young.
  • It's subtly implied his mother was cheating on his father with "the dentist".
  • Ched has never met a horse before, but hates them because of his experiences with horse centaurs.
  • For Season 2, Centaurworld's IMDB page lists Roman Engel as the voice actor cast to portray "Young Ched".
  • As a young child he wished to be a Tulip Stepper in the Horseraur's fortress but was mocked, as shown through Horse's "backstory powers".
  • Within Season 2, he's shown to possibly have a crush on Zulius, saying he wouldn't mind kissing him and him being shown to be hurt at the sight of Zulius and Splendib back together.
  • In "The Last Lullaby", he actually admits that he has eaten Horse's hair for about a year.


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