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I don't know if you're jealous of Horse or if you just don't believe in us, but we should keep our promise.
―Durpleton, from Fragile Things

Durpleton is a main character in the Netflix series, Centaurworld.

Physical Description

Durpleton is a large, giraffe-bodied centaur with a muscular man's upper body. He has short horns and a reddish-brown mane of hair. His long neck is highly flexible and can stretch of impossible lengths, even breaching the atmosphere.


IHT Durpleton shoes.jpg

He is known to be friendly to others, but easily loses track of what's going on. This can be misunderstanding social situations or forgetting where the rest of his body is. He lacks even basic common sense, but he is extremely passionate and excitable. He's quick to trust and befriend anyone he can, easily overlooking their flaws or even signs of danger. Despite his large build, he's quite meek about using violence until extremely necessary. When he does take action, Durpleton proves strong enough to overpower several minotaurs at once with almost zero effort.



Season 1

Hello Rainbow Road

Durpleton was the first centaur to greet Horse shortly after she was magically sent to Centaurworld. To welcome Horse to their world, he and the herd performed a song about how amazing, magical and fun Centaurworld is.

Horse learned that everyone in the Centaur Valley was protected but also contained within a large invisible dome created by Wammawink. When Horse asked if the herd was bored being stuck in the same place doing the same things, Durpleton and the others indiscreetly agreed. They eventually helped Horse take down Wammawink's barrier by linking together their magic, and set off on their adventure on the Rainbow Road.

Fragile Things

The Key

What You Need

It's Hidin' Time

Holes: Part 2

Johnny Teatime's Be Best Competition: A Quest for the Sash

Ride the Whaletaur Shaman!

The Rift: Part 1

The Rift: Part 2

Season 2

Horsatia Wighair Beansz?

All Herd All the Terd

My Tummy, Your Hurts

Holes: Part 3

Bunch O' Scrunch

The Hootenanny

The Last Lullaby




You get a Durple-hug.

Ched is perhaps the member of the herd Durpleton is closest to, with Ched often perching on Durpleton's head, and the giraffetaur being aware of Ched's more vulnerable side. In Bunch O' Scrunch it's revealed that Ched was the first person to reach out to him when he was abandoned, saying that his parents were jerks and helping the younger boy calm down, as well as reluctantly accepting a hug from him and admitting he finds it nice before the two are adopted by Wammawink. His protectiveness of Durpleton can still be seen in the present, such as his anger at Horse for leaping into everyone's memories being reignited after seeing the effect it had on Durpleton.





In The Rift Part 2, he adopts a lizard like minotaur who he renames Stabby and treats as his infant son, despite Stabby being only a few years younger than himself. His initial relationship with Stabby was rocky, as he put so much focus on being the loving and supportive father he wanted that he forgot to listen to Stabby and account for his needs being different. After Stabby transforms, the two are able to have a heart-to-heart talk and Durpleton is able to learn from his mistakes and they develop a more genuine bond. He becomes the former minotaur's adoptive father figure and is able to say to him everything that he wished his own father had said to him.

Durpleton is shown to be very loving towards Stabby; when he goes missing in the moletaur tunnel complex, he says that Stabby's most distinguishing trait is how proud he makes him, and when Horse visiting his backstory causes memories of his childhood to resurface, his first reaction is to hug Stabby and praise him. In return, Stabby becomes protective of Durpleton, helping him stand up to his parents and telling him that he's the best father a grown man mistaken for a child could ever want, as well as rescuing him when he's attacked by other minotaurs. At the end up the series, they're shown working together to reform the remaining minotaurs.

Tony & Gurple Durpleton

Durpleton's parents.png

Durpleton's parents were strict, yet neglectful in raising him, often leaving him to his own devices and becoming annoyed when he made noise around him, especially his father, Tony. Nonetheless, he craved their love and approval, even making a gift for his father who tossed it out the window without opening it and abandoning Durpleton when he ran out of the house to retrieve it, leaving him with the parting message that he would only praise him when he became the clever and unobtrusive boy he wanted him to be.

His treatment at the hands of his parents continued to haunt him years afterwards, despite being in a more supportive and loving home, until he adopted Stabby and reevaluated his relationship with his parents. When he met them again at the hootenanny, he initially hoped that they had come to love and miss him, but upon realizing they had not changed, he stood up to them and acknowledged that they were terrible parents.


At first, Durpleton's farts sounded like regular farts, but the Giraffe-based Centaur used to understand that as a paternal reprimand. When the tree shamans made his "wish" true, Durpleton and his farts begun to have a healthy and lovely "father and son" relationship. Interestingly, this is completely absent from the second season.



  • Durpleton was the first centaur character drawn by series creator Megan Nicole Dong. She mentioned in an interview that she drew him on a chopstick while at a restaurant called Daichan in Studio City, California.
  • After his "wish" was granted in What You Need, Durpleton can hear his own farts speak to him as a complimentary father figure. This seemingly random gag was later revealed in Bunch O' Scrunch to be tied to Durpleton's childhood trauma.
  • His farts are credited as "Durpletoot" and are voiced by Tony Hale, who also provides the voice of Durpleton's actual biological father.


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