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Nothing means more to me than my herd, and the thought of never seeing them again terrifies me.
―Wammawink, from Fragile Things

Wammawink is a main character in the Netflix series, Centaurworld.

Physical Description

Wammawink is an alpacataur[1] with deep pink skin and light pink wool covering the majority of her body, with the exception of her face, ears, arms, and belly region. Her wool is very thick and puffy. Wammawink's face features a pair of round eyes with black pupils and twin eyelashes, and a thin line for a mouth. When her mouth is open wide enough, a prominent underbite usually found in real life alpacas can be seen. Her true eye color is revealed to be red in Holes: Part 2.


Think of the fragile things

Wammawink is very motherly and can be smothering to the rest of her herd as well as being overly protective of them. She considers each member of the herd to be her unofficial child and is shown to be very protective of any harm coming to them. Wammawink may sometimes cave when under too much pressure and can be overwhelmingly emotional. When this happens, she often overlooks the needs of others, however this doesn't last very long and she resumes in giving them support.

She bears trauma and anxiety from her memories of the war which claimed the lives of everyone in her original village and herd, whose home was the Lost Forest.

She is obsessed with "merdudes": buff, handsome, and overall idealized versions of ocean-dwelling fishtaur that resemble mermen. She even threatens Glendale with possible starvation if she did not help her with Mansplash, a published tabloid magazine she created that is themed after merdudes. She is also visibly jealous of Jeffica, Sunfish Merguy's girlfriend who is a llamataur.

Wammawink has a neurotic side to her as well. She has been shown to have much anxiety about her abilities and self-worth at times, such as when Waterbaby pushed her to the limits of her magical abilities in The Key, when the herd accuses her of being a neglectful mother in My Tummy, Your Hurts, when her plan to recruit the holetaurs in Holes: Part 3 was more successful than Horse's, or when the shamans ultimately decided to make Horse a shaman instead of her.


  • Magic: Like all Centaurs, Wammawink possesses magical abilities.
    • I Can Shoot Tiny Versions of Myself from My Hoof: Wammawink can generate miniaturized versions of herself out of her hooves. However, once they're made, the Tiny Wammawinks run off.
    • Conjure food: Wammawink can form food out of thin air, but it's not clear if she is actually creating the food or conjuring it from some storage place. She usually uses it to make the herd's favorite food, Gigglecakes.
    • Sparkle Blinkies: Wammawink can blink rapidly and cause sparkles to fall from her eyes.
    • Sometimes My Facial Features Get Kinda Melty: Wammawink can cause the features of her face to appear to melt away.
    • Levitation: Wammawink can use a type of telekinesis to levitate things, like the bog in The Key. She can also use it to manipulate objects, such as perfectly peeling an orange in Holes: Part 2.
    • Force Field: Wammawink can create a bubble-like forcefield.
    • Energy manipulation: She can use energy to form powerful attacks, such as a large fist to take out the Beartaur in It's Hidin' Time. However she's only done this in her sleep so far.


Season 1

Hello Rainbow Road

Shortly after arriving in Centaurworld, Horse met Wammawink and her herd. Horse learned that everyone in the Centaur Valley was protected but also contained within a large invisible dome, which later turned out to be created by Wammawink to keep everyone safe (but to their restriction).

Eventually Wammawink is convinced to allow her herd to help Horse find her way back home. The herd, with Wammawink's help, broke down the protective dome and set off on their adventure on the Rainbow Road.

Fragile Things

The Key

What You Need

It's Hidin' Time

Holes: Part 2

Johnny Teatime's Be Best Competition: A Quest for the Sash

Ride the Whaletaur Shaman!

The Rift: Part 1

The Rift: Part 2

Season 2

Horsatia Wighair Beansz?

All Herd All the Terd

My Tummy, Your Hurts

Holes: Part 3

Bunch O' Scrunch

The Hootenanny

The Last Lullaby



HRR Horse skidding to a stop.jpg

Wammawink displays a unique affection towards her newest companion, Horse. In Hello Rainbow Road, Wammawink insists that the dome barrier cannot be opened - yet she becomes the last centuar to help open it, as well as the only one on Horse's left side. She stands apart from the rest of her herd. Though she hardly knows Horse, she is willing to risk the safety of her herd to help a stranger she barely knows. Her herd means everything to her, and yet, she willingly put them in jeopardy to aid Horse. Even when she claims the herd cannot accompany Horse any further on her journey (Fragile Things), she changes her mind and decides to help Horse, despite the dangers ahead. She nicknames her "Baby Girl", which Horse does not seem to understand. Later, in "The Rift" she becomes agitated when Waterbaby calls Horse "Baby Girl", indicating that this is a special nickname.

During "It's Hidin' Time", Wammawink is in a coma-like sleep. While the herd has tried to wake her numerous times prior, she only wakes when she subconsciously hears that Horse is in trouble. Fear of Horse getting hurt or worse seems to be the trigger that woke Wammawink. Later on, Wammawink tells Horse, twice, that she loves her new hair. Horse is undergoing a transformation while in Centaurworld, and Wammawink is nothing but supportive.

In "Ride the Whaletaur Shaman!", Wammawink puts herself in trouble by entering the Whaletaur Shaman to rescue Horse. After all they have been through, she is not so willing to let Horse go, and puts herself in harm's way to save her. While trying to save Horse, she pleads, You have to remember ME." She also mentions Rider and the rest of the herd separately afterward, but she seems to be the priority that she wants Horse to recall.

Wammawink and Horse shared an animosity filled duet during Fragile Things. "Ride the Whaletaur Shaman!" contains a reprise, sung completely by Wammawink, which includes the lines "love still finds us" and "a warrior from a different world can find love so far from home." Love is not mentioned very often in the show at all, but Wammawink uses it to describe her relationship with Horse during this song.

During "Hello Rainbow Road", Wammawink asked if Rider was Horse's "BFFF" (aka. Buddy For Fancy Frolicking). It is not explained what this means, but it seems to indicate a more than familiar relationship between two people. Glendale, in "The Rift", describes Horse as Wammawink's Buddy For Fancy Frolicking, indicating that she knows their relationship goes beyond basic friendship. In addition, the Whaletaur Shaman mentions to Horse that "there are those on this side who will be there for you no matter what." Considering that Horse and Wammawink are the only members of the herd that are present, it seems reasonable to assume Whaletaur Shaman is talking about Wammawink.

TRP1 Giggle cakes.jpg

Wammawink did everything she could to prevent Horse from going home and leaving her, during "Before You Go." She came up with a bunch of excuses for Horse to stay longer in Centaurworld. The rest of the herd indicated that they would miss Horse, but none tried so hard as Wammawink to get Horse to stay. When Comfortable Doug appeared, Wammawink became upset, stating "We're trying to have some ALONE time with Horse before she [leaves]." Before Horse left, Wammawink said a tearful goodbye, adding, "I'm going to miss you so much, Horse." Of all the herd, Wammawink seemed the most torn up about Horse's departure.



Glendale met Wammawink when she was an orphaned child and was the first member of her new herd. This may be why she seems to cling to Wammawink and depend on her the most. When Wammawink slipped in and out of consciousness in What You Need, Glendale was the most visibly upset and became uncharacteristically pushy and aggressive in getting Horse to use the Tree Shamans' wishes to help Wammawink. When Wammawink was revived, she was the only one other than Horse to hug her and expressed how much she missed her, nearly strangling Wammawink with her affection.

Glendale is frequently seen showing concern for Wammawink's wellbeing and often tries to physically comfort her, such as when Wammawink experiences PTSD flashbacks from being in the Tree Shamans' presence, becoming traumatized at seeing Horse jump into the Whaletaur Shaman's mouth, or distraught about Horse possibly not making it back to the human world in The Rift: Part 2. In the latter, she even uses a puffy jacket she stole to console her. When she had to transport Wammawink out of the Beartaur's cave in It's Hidin' Time using her portal tummy magic, she hesitated and was clearly uncomfortable with it ("I don't like it!") despite having no issue with "stealing" other living centaurs or absorbing objects far heavier and larger than Wammawink.

Glendale Wammawink argument.jpg

Her relationship with Wammawink is not without complications. She was very distressed about Wammawink forcing her to help make her racy Mansplash magazine, including making her create content she didn't like, such as horoscopes. Glendale is occasionally passive aggressive toward Wammawink, such as when she rubbed in how painful it must be for Wammawink to see her "BFFF" Horse leave her forever and never to return in The Rift: Part 1. Glendale and Wammawink also have a heated argument in The Rift: Part 2 brought on by Wammawink's distress over seeing Horse gone and potentially in danger, which she unexpectedly takes out on Glendale. This is the first time we see Wammawink openly yell at and blame any member of her herd. Even the other herd members and Waterbaby find it hard to watch.



After years of being on his own following a traumatic fallout with the Horsetaurs, it was Wammawink who offered Ched a fresh start and a new home with her small but growing herd. It is because of this and her naturally motherly personality that Ched has taken a liking to her as his surrogate mom.




Glinda the Good Witch's magic protection bubble

  • According to the actual Mansplash magazine published by the show's crew, Wammawink's mailing address is: 1 Dome St, Centaurworld
  • Her pink protective bubble spell may be a reference to the transport bubble used by Glinda the Good Witch, a character from the musical Wicked who was also portrayed by Wammawink's voice actress Megan Hilty.


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